Our Services

At Jewel Home Support, we are renowned for the quality of care we offer to all in our care. We know that everybody is different and so our team of carers will cater to individual needs, to improve quality of life and general wellbeing.

Personal care

  • Getting in and out of bed,
  • Washing, bathing and showering,
  • Getting dressed and undressed,
  • Prompts for medication,
  • Managing continence,
  • Skin and hair care

Domestic Duties

  • Making/changing the bed
  • Lauandry/ironing
  • Washing up
  • Light household duties


  • Your meals will be carefull prepared by our care staff in consultation with yourself
  • Preparing drinks
  • Managing food hygiene


  • Help with paying bills
  • Help with correspondence
  • Help with attending hospital appointments
  • Help with collection of pension


  • Staff can assist you with your weekly shopping


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Most Carer's have a legal right to an assessment of their own needs.
Are you looking after someone? Perhaps you need a little help? Maybe things have changed at home?
People are living longer than ever before, and the proportion of older people in our society is growing.
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